Aerial Imaging

Aerial Imaging

The sky’s the limit. Presenting an aerial video & photo solution for real estate.

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Take to the skies! With Aerial Imaging, HomeVisit enhances your marketing message with absolutely breathtaking HD video footage and photography. We lead the market with professional shooting, generating stunning 4K video and still images.

Imagine your Virtual Tours enhanced by captivating aerial HD video footage featuring gentle, drifting, cinematic movements over the home and grounds, from all angles and high overhead. Transform your Print Marketing with stunning aerial photography that showcases the full beauty of your listing, its setting and surroundings.

Tour These Homes With Aerial Video

Add Dramatic Impact To Your Tours and Print

Nothing transform your marketing like visuals from 300 feet in the year. Soar high above the roofline, present water features or incredible landscaping.

Experience. Skill. Innovation.

HomeVisit’s Aerial Imaging offers a process you can trust and absolutely stunning visuals from hundereds of feet in the air! Showcase your next listing in a way that simply was not possible until now.

Take their breath away.

Imagine your seller’s reaction when you present to them these stunning visuals from high above. Imagine your buyer’s amazement as they experience your listing from a perspective not previously possible.

A Process You Can Rely On. Quality You Can Trust.

  • Superior Equipment, Superior Results

    We fly the latest technology in unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), the DJI Phantom 4 Pro and the DJI Inspire 1 Pro. We utilize a professional level 4K camera that delivers sharp, crisp, high resolution still photos and stunning aerial video of a quality level never possible before. The resulting still photos can be used as cover shot for brochures and in print advertising and the edited video can can be viewed at full screen resolution to deliver maximum visual impact.

  • An FAA-Certified Solution

    HomeVisit takes all of the worry out of flying! The process is simple. Our expert team of licensed pilots is fully FAA approved. We'll ensure that there are no air restrictions to keep us from flying and we'll schedule your flight to take place during the most optimal weather conditions. No team has more experience and no one is more capable of showcasing the full beauty of your listing, its setting and surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What does FAA Certified mean?

    Commercial UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) operators must possess a FAA Section 333 Certificate Of Authorization. Additionally, all equipment used must be registered with the FAA. All flights must be conducted according to prescribed safety rules, with two flight operators onsite. Additionally, the FAA must be notified in advance of all flight locations and date and time of flight. We abide by all FAA regulations and carry UAV flight insurance.

  • What is the DC area, No Fly Zone?

    The FAA has established a 15 mile no fly zone in a radius around Reagan National Airport. No commercial UAV flights are authorized in this zone under any circumstances. We will verify your address prior to scheduling. For these and other areas, this link shows a Google Map with the no-fly zone marked in red:

  • How long does a flight session take?

    A standard flight session for properties up to 5 acres is approximately (90) minutes onsite and about (60) minutes of air time for photos and video. Larger properties, waterfront properties and properties with multiple buildings may require more flight time. We will review satellite map and advise you on flight time required before scheduling. Additional flight time is applied in (30) minute increments at a cost of $220.

  • When do I get my photos and video?

    Color corrected photos will be posted to your HomeVisit account within 2 business days of the flight session. Video production of aerial footage will normally be completed within 3-5 business days from the flight session. If there is additional ground level or interior footage to be edited, additional time may be required.

  • What does my Aerial flight include?

    The purchase of HD Aerial video and stills includes 60 minutes of flight time, 15 hi-resolution color corrected photos, video footage and video production of a 1.5-minute aerial video, and free car/object removal on up to 4 images.

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