Fusion Photography

Fusion Photography

One shoot brings out the very best in homes of every style and price point

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Our Special Process Yields Superior Results

The photography of your listings is the most important step in your marketing efforts. Photography affects everything – virtual tours, print materials, high-definition video, advertising and web sites. With Fusion, Elevated and Night Photography, Homevisit delivers unparalled experience, technology and quality to show your listings at their absolute best.

A HomeVisit exclusive, Fusion Photography combines multiple shots, lighting effects and processing to create a single image that offers 3-5 times as much visual range, detail, clarity and color. Fusion Photography creates images that are as close to what the naked eye sees as possible. While other companies claim to offer HDR or some form of Fusion, HomeVisit’s Fusion process is unique and exclusive. Over years of intensive testing, we have developed a proprietary method of shooting and processing that we believe offers unparallelled quality, for web and print, at affordable pricing.

Imagine Your Listing With Photos Like These!

Please note most of the Fusion images displayed here also include the ClearView Window Composite treatment, which is an add-on service that is not part of our standard Fusion photo shoot and must be ordered separately.

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How Does
Fusion Photography Work?

See how we create images that offer 3-5 times as much visual range, detail, clarity and color as typical real estate photos.

  • DARK



  • By combining images of light, medium and dark exposures, we create one superior image that is as close to what the naked eye sees as possible.

    The Most Important Step In Marketing Any Home.

    Photography affects everything – property websites, virtual tours, print materials, advertising and web sites. With Fusion, Elevated and Night Photography, Homevisit delivers industry-leading experience, technology and quality to show your listings at their absolute best.

    Experience you can trust.

    When it comes to photographing homes, no one has more experience than HomeVisit. We’ve photographed over 200,000 homes over the course of 18 years. We only hire the best, most experienced architectural photographers and put them through an intensive, highly-detailed training protocol, to ensure that every listing we capture looks its absolute best.

    A Picture Really Is Worth A Thousand Words.

    We capture high resolution photos of the entire home, including interiors, exteriors and multiple views of main living areas. Our highly-experienced and extensively trained photographers work exclusively for HomeVisit and use the most advanced professional digital camera systems available – delivering superior range, sharpness and clarity much like what your eye sees.

    • Elevated Photography Adds Breathtaking Depth and Perspective

      Create sweeping vistas that frame every home to its best advantage. Homes of all types and price levels can benefit from this technique, including properties with pools and landscaping, those set on gradients, and multi-story townhomes. By positioning cameras on tripods 20 and 40 feet high, our photographers compose images that leap into three dimensions, revealing the property in all its splendor.

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    • Create Spectacular Drama and Atmosphere with Night Photography

      Nothing is more striking than a residence lit up against the evening sky. The vivid play of light and color arrests the eye, adds intrigue, and creates an intimate mood designed to draw viewers in. HomeVisit night photography uses advanced digital techniques to achieve deeply saturated colors and dramatic light effects. The result: a spectacular image that comes alive in crisp detail and dazzling contrast.

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    • Soar High Above With Aerial Photography

      Transform your tours and print marketing with stunning aerial photography that showcases the full beauty of your listing, its setting and surroundings. Aerial still photos are captured at ultra-high-resolution and can be used as cover shot for brochures and in print advertising.

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    • ClearView Images Offer The Full View

      This special process developed by HomeVisit yields images with perfect views out windows. A three-shot Fusion image is combined with a fourth image that is exposed for windows. When these images are skillfully masked together by our team of talented Image Technicians, the result is amazing.

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    How Do ClearView Window Composite Images Work?

    See how this special process creates stunning images for both print and tours.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    • How long does a photo shoot take?

      The time for a photo shoot varies but these are the general guidelines: a Standard Photo shoot is about (60) minutes. These times may increase if the home is large, elevated photos are added, or panoramic images are added. Adding elevated images or panoramic images will add about (20) to (30) minutes to a photo shoot. Adding a Movi Walkthrough Video shoot can add (1) to (2) hours.

    • How many pictures are taken?

      This depends on the photo package ordered but all HomeVisit shoots include at least (30) still Fusion photos. We almost always shoot more than the minimum to give you options to choose from on your virtual tours and print. A typical full service package shoot where print is ordered will receive about (50) photos.

    • What rooms and areas are photographed?

      Generally, we photograph the entire house, or as much as possible so that you can show the whole home in the virtual tour. You can give the photographer direction at the photo shoot in terms of areas to focus on or ignore.

    • How long after my order is placed can the photo shoot be scheduled?

      Photo shoot availability depends on several factors including overall scheduling load, the times the home is available and services to be performed. Usually, we are able to schedule a photo shoot within 3 business days of the order.

    • How do I prepare the home for photography?

      Download our How To Prepare For Your Imaging Session pdf for useful guidelines.

    • Can I ask the photographer to take certain shots or angles?

      Yes. We want to get the shots that you want and our photographers will take direction from you. Please understand though, that to complete the photo shoot in the time allotted and to capture the home the best way, we ask that you limit the amount of photo direction given to key angles or photos.

    • How long will it take to process my photos?

      Photos from your photoshoot will be posted within 24 hours of your shoot time. Keep in mind that our photographers are shooting multiple properties throughout the day before they go home. Once home, they have to sort through the images and run a preprocess on them prior to uploading to the website.

    • When will I know my photos are ready to view?

      Within 24 hours, you will get an email notification to your primary and secondary email addresses notifying you that your images are online and ready for download. If you do not receive a notification, check your SPAM box/label to see if it went in there. If it did, please add to your contact list. If the email is not anywhere to be found within 24 hours, log into your account, select "Edit Agent Profile" and confirm your primary and secondary email addresses are correct. Also, please contact HomeVisit via live chat on our website or email to

    • What do I do with my photos once ready?

      Once you have received the image notification email, you have the ability to select photos for your print materals and property website via your HomeVisit account. You also have the ability to download images so that you may upload them to the MRIS.

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